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  The African Honey Magazine
  Issue 026, September 2017 Download
  Issue 025, December 2016 Download
  Issue 024, September 2016 Download
  Issue 023, June 2016 Download
  Issue 022, December 2015 Download
  Issue 021, September 2015 Download
  Issue 020, June 2015 Download
  Issue 019, December 2014 Download
  Issue 018, September 2014 Download
  Issue 017, June 2014 Download
  Issue 016, March 2014 Download
  Issue 015, December 2013 Download
  Issue 014, September 2013 Download
  Issue 013, June 2013 Download
  Selected country situation papers and technical papers presented during ApiExpo Africa 2016 in Kigali - Rwanda Download all
  Selected country situation papers & technical papers presented during ApiExpo Africa 2014 in Harare - Zimbabwe Download all
DDocument specification Country DDownload

Official Gazette n° 27 bis of 08/07/2013; Law determining the organization and functioning of beekeeping in Rwanda

Rwanda Download
Rwanda National Beekeeping Guidelines Rwanda Download
The 6th National Monitoring Plan For Residues in Honey Ethiopia Download
Apiculture Proclamation 660-2009 Ethiopia Download
The Uganda's Apiculture Sector Profile Uganda Download
Bees Act of Zimbabwe Zimbabwe Download
Tanzania National Beekeeping Policy Tanzania Download
The Beekeeping Act 2002 (Act No.15) Tanzania Download

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