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Ethiopian Agribusiness Honey Value Chain sector to hold the premier ApiEthiopia 2014 Expo

(Article by Mulufird Ashagrie)

After successfully hosting the 3rd All-Africa International Honey Exposition dubbed ApiExpo Africa 2012 (26th to 30th September) in Addis Ababa, the Ethiopian honey industry players birthed the idea of organizing a like annual event in Ethiopia dubbed ApiEthiopia 2014 Expo scheduled for 9th May 2014 at Addis Ababa Exhibition center. ApiEthiopia 2014 Expo is organized with premise that it will act as the main vehicle to a more vibrant Ethiopian honey industry by creating awareness on market opportunities, business opportunities, facilitating learning and sharing and demonstrating the relationship between beekeeping and other industries.

This premier edition is fueled by a cord of three main Ethiopian Agribusiness-Honey Value Chain sector drivers; Ethiopian Honey and Beeswax Producers and Exporters Association (EHBPEA), Ethiopian Apiculture Board (EAB) and Ethiopian Beekeepers Association (EBA) with support from Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Trade, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Concerned Federal Government and Regional Agencies, Farmers and farmers Groups, Coops, Coops Unions and Federations, Agro processors, Input providers, Embedding service providers, Financial institutions, USAID, SNV, UNECA, GIZ African Union(AU), COMESA, EU, World Bank, UNDP, SOS Sahel Ethiopia, Universities, Research and Higher Learning Institutions, Chambers of Commerce and Sector Associations, Prominent Professionals among others.

As Ethiopians seek to create a more honeybee friendly country there’s a general realization across the geographical divide of the enormous direct and crosscutting roles and contributions apiculture / beekeeping / honey industry makes to the global sustainable development agenda. Honey production is perhaps the cleanest production system that neither depletes nor pollutes the environment. Indeed, as honeybee is the most known cross-pollinating agent, it significantly contributes not only to the conservations of floral resource of our planet but very much so to the reproduction of plants and enrichments of the biodiversity resources. This far-reaching net positive contribution to the environment makes the Apiculture among the ideal production systems that could help the mitigation of the ever-increasing challenges of food security, climate changes and global warming.

Ethiopia is cognizant of the fact that currently Africa shares less than 1% of the global honey cake. This Expo comes as a supplement for the efforts to change this status as seen by ApiTrade Africa’s honeybee industry promotion and collaborative efforts. Therefore by embracing this spelt necessity to work collaboratively among Ethiopian and African Apiculture stakeholders just like the honey bees, promotion and marketing the Ethiopian honey value chain is an inevitable result.


Ethiopia has an immense potential in support of robust Apiculture industry in Africa and globally as well. The industry has great potential to enhance manufacturing and export production, and thereby increasing employment opportunities and reduce poverty. The industry benefits from the abundant sizable resource base and production. Ethiopia ranks 9th and 4th in global production of honey and beeswax respectively while it stands 1st in Africa in its size of Bee colonies as well as in the production of honey and bees wax. Currently, out of an estimated production potential of 500,000 tons, only about 53,000 tons of honey is being produced annually. Similarly only 5,000 tons of beeswax is being produced.

Despite the potential and the comparative advantages Ethiopia has, the industry remained underdeveloped and its potential has not been fully realized due to a number of constraints and challenges that the industry faced. Addressing the constraints and tapping into the opportunity, calls for a concerted and coordinated effort by all the value chain actors. In full recognition of the need for collective action to build on ApiExpo 2012, the three associations, Ethiopian Honey and Beeswax Producers and Exporters Association/EHBPEA, Ethiopian Apiculture Board/EAB and Ethiopian Beekeepers Association/EBA in partnership with Rehobot are organizing ApiEthiopia 2014 Expo.

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