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MEET Nigeria's Pioneer & Leading Honey Packaging Company


(An interview with the Director of A & Shine International Ltd, Mrs. Bukola Adeshina)

1) Briefly introduce A & Shine International Ltd?

A & Shine international LTD rose as a small scale entrepreneur, nurtured in three years in one of the Federal Government incubation initiative program under Federal Ministry of Science and Technology in Nigeria. The company was registered in year 2000 to process and package quality unadulterated bee honey for consumers who will prefer to substitute honey for sugar. The company also extended into bee keeping as a source for her honey.

Today, after 14 years in the field, A & Shine honey has become a household name in every home in Nigeria in quality processed and packaged honey.

2) What makes A & shine an outstanding honey industry player in Nigeria?

A & Shine honey is the premier locally processed and packaged honey to be registered by National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control board (NAFDAC) of Nigeria and approved by the Nigeria Standard Organization (NSO) of Nigeria, with awards to show for it, as National Productivity Award from Federal Government of Nigeria and Raw Material Research Council of Nigeria among others

3) What are your main products and services?

A & Shine international ltd did not limit itself to packaging of just pure honey, it researched into processing and packaging other related products that are found to be beneficial to human health as: Honey mix with ginger extract, Honey mix with garlic extract and honey mix with moringa extract, Sesami seed cake mix with honey, sesame seed cake mix with honey and moringa, and Bee Wax rendering all of which have been found to meet consumer needs.

4) Nigeria is big country. Will I be right to say that your primary bee products are the most craved for and wide spread? How have you been able to achieve this?

A & Shine honey and the introduction of other extracts into honey have been timely and well received by consumers at a time when consumers are tending towards natural food. Also the non adulteration of A & Shine honey in competitive market where adulteration has been most rampant in honey market has been what has put A & Shine honey products at the forefront ahead of other competitors.

5) In the last three years; 2011, 2012 and 2013, how has been the trend of honey quantities in tones A & shine has handled?

In the last three years, the trend of honey packaged has been wonderful even though we still cannot say we have been able to meet the demand of the Nigeria market which could be estimated to be in the range of 500 tons annually. We barely could still meet 50% of this estimate, but we are optimistic that we should be capable in the next two to three years

6) What do you attribute the success of A & shine too over the years?

The success story of A & Shine will not be complete without mentioning agencies as USAID, Nigeria Export Promotion Council (NEPC), Abuja Chambers of Commerce (ABUCIMMA), Raw Material and research Council of Nigeria. All these agencies among others have given the company tremendous support in areas of trainings, Seminars, Conferences, International and Local Trade fairs exhibition etc

7) How has your presence impacted the honey industry in Nigeria?

A & Shine is synonymous to honey as far as Nigeria Market is concerned and our presence is well pronounced in most Nigeria leading Supermarkets, Pharmaceuticals, hospitals, hotels

8) How is the future like for A & shine in next 5-10 years?

The next 5-10 years have a very good prospect for honey in Nigeria as the awareness in benefit of honey and beekeeping as a means of poverty eradication is increasing day by day

9) What key bottlenecks face the honey industry in Nigeria? How have you managed to weather them?

Public awareness on honey education has poised serious challenge that we have weathered over the years. Many consumers still need to be continually educated on types of honey that can be found in terms of color, taste and method of ascertaining that honey has not been adulterated. Periodic A & Shine publication of chemical composition of honey, hive products likely to be found in honey, benefits of honey and other bee hive products has been helpful information to our customers

10) What are your expectations as you prepare yourself to participate in ApiExpo Africa 2014 in Zimbabwe?

We are looking forward to ApiExpo Africa 2014 that will show case African honey brands like the Apimondia congress. This will go a long way towards developing bee keeping in Africa and bring awareness on benefits of honey to numerous consumers.


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