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  We are here: News- Bee Buzz | 10 reasons to participate in ApiExpo Africa 2016 and to do business in Rwanda
Favorable political environment towards beekeeping:
Government is keen on the sustainable development of Beekeeping sector and is very committed to improving the performance of the sector (law, decrees, National beekeeping strategic plan, animal genetic improvement strategy, Regulations on use of agro-chemicals which are a threat to beekeeping, ...)
Ideal weather...
Ideal weather for beekeeping and furthermore environmental policies are in place (annual tree planting campaign) and Existence of protected areas with high beekeeping potential (forests, national parks).
Strong public - private partnerships
Existence of a solid organization which militates in favor of a sustainable development of the whole national honey value chain: Involvement of the private sector at all levels, producer cooperatives, National umbrella of beekeepers Coops and professional organizations.
Promotion of quality and traceability of honey
Rwanda's honey is highly treaceable. Our honey dealers / suppliers embrace the spirit of transparence and disclosure, hence our honey crop is properly labellled.
Growing tourism even potential for Api-tourism
At nearly every turn there are breathtaking panoramas; volcanoes, serene rivers & beautiful land formations. You will meet our friends; mountain gorillas - one of the great wildlife adventures available on the planet. You will also enjoy our waterfront town, Rubavu, on the shores of Lake Kivu, one Africa's great bodies of water.
Commercial opportunities
Domestic, Regional and international markets for honey and other products - EAC, Central Africa, EU and Middle East Asia.
Satellite cities
Existence of relevant and various assets in Kigali and in satellite cities to guarantee the success of ApiExpo Africa 2016.
Easy access by air and friendly Visa requirements
Airlines easy connections to Kigali (WB, KQ, SAA, KLM, ET, SN Brussels, Emirates, Turkish, Qatar) and friendly visa requirements procedures with African passports, online applications.
Well developed transportation system
Across Rwanda, so easy to link the useful to the pleasant given the diversity of paradise attractions across the country, friendly climate all along the year, smiling and friendly faces.
Do not miss ApiExpo Africa 2016
Do not miss ApiExpo Africa 2016; it is your unique golden chance in your life to spend 5 x 24 hours standing changing all your previous sweet dreams into realities.

Written by ALPHONSE NSHIMIYIMANA, Issue 20, The African Honey Magazine

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