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ApiTrade Africa led a team of African delegation, including honey processors and exporters to 44th International Beekeeping Congress (44th APIMONDIA) which took place in Daejeon, South Korea from 15th to 20th September 2015. African exhibitors were under one roof, One African Pavilion, occupying an area of 90m2 shared by Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Rwanda and Zimbabwe. There were two annex stands each of 9m2 occupied by Ethiopia and Nigeria. There was also a Libyan exhibitor who was not directly under the pavilion. As always honey processors, exporters and traders were in the frontline – ApiTrade Africa and its partners played the coordination and facilitative roles.


This time round ApiTrade Africa partnered with International Trade Center (ITC), Swiss Contact, Ethiopia Apiculture Board (EAB) and Nigeria Export Promotion Council (NEPC) to support the participation of several African small and medium enterprises and beekeepers.

We are driven by our desire is to help key African honey industry players understand the dynamics of international and regional trade which directly affect their businesses.

This congress provides a platform to showcase Africa’s bee products, expand market linkages and influence global issues which affect stakeholders in Africa. It was therefore necessary to coordinate and unite stakeholders from the continent under one roof.

Key Results

Based on the feedback from exhibitors and delegates:

New business and market linkages were established between African honey / beeswax processors, exporters on one hand, and buyers of different bee products on the other hand.

This event was very prime as far as the promotion of ApiExpo Africa 2016, the showcase event of Africa’s apiculture sector, is concerned. ApiExpo Africa 2016 will be held in Kigali under the theme, “Driving socio-economic transformation in Africa: the role of commercial beekeeping.” A number of companies from Africa, Asia and Europe have already expressed interest to participate in the event. The 5th edition; ApiExpo Africa 2016 is scheduled for 21st to 26th September 2016 at CAMP Kigali, in Rwanda. Details can be got from our website (

New skills, knowledge and technologies were acquired by processors, exporters and beekeepers from Africa. Zambian processors bought a lot of value addition equipment which they hope to use in processing and packing honey for the domestic and regional markets. Others got linkages for a wide variety of honey industry input equipement like packaging jars for honey among others.

Improved consumer perception about African honey and other products, given the fact that most honey buyers and consumers traditionally regarded African honey as dirty.

The Chief Executive of ApiTrade Africa (Mr. Bosco Okello) was appointed to a 7-man team of judges to evaluate all the varieties of honey and other bee products presented at the Congress for competition. He was the only judge from Africa. This exercise is intended to promote good practices in quality management among processors and exporters. Unfortunately, no single company or beekeeper from Africa submitted any product for the competition, which was rather won by a processor from Australia.

The host for Apimondia 2019 was also voted. It was a two-horse race in which Canada emerged winners against United States of America. Therefore, the 46th Apimondia International Apicultural Congress will be held in Montréal - Canada in 2019. Apimondia 2017, meanwhile, had been pre-decided two years ago and will be held in Istanbul, Turkey in 2017. ApiTrade Africa intends to take even bigger delegations to these events, with support from regional economic communities like COMESA, ECOWAS, EAC and SADC, among others.

ApiTrade Africa represented the African voice at APIMONDIA 2015 to endorse the idea of creating a World Bee Day, proposed for 20th May. The idea will be tabled at the United Nations, and once adopted, ApiTrade Africa will lead the African continent in ratifying its implementation at national levels, where national umbrella beekeepers’ organisations like TUNADO, Beekeepers’ Association of Zimbabwe, FERWACAPI (Rwanda), REINAC (Cameroon), Ethiopian Apiculture Board, etc, are expected to mobilize stakeholders to celebrate it and advocate for their interest. The respective Ministries of Agriculture are expected to support this initiative.

On the political front, Apimondia elected a new president, Mr. Philip McCabe, from the Republic of Ireland. He takes over from Gilles Ratia, from France and will serve a 4 year term.

There was a lot of learning during experience sharing among three African countries Ethiopia, Tanzania and Uganda. These ranged from level of sector organization, government support to the private sector, and issues of policies and regulations which affect business and trade. The session was chaired by the Minister State for Livestock in Ethiopia.



Written by RG Kisenyi, Issue 22, The African Honey Magazine

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