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General Information | ApiExpo Africa 2016, Kigali - Rwanda  

ApiTrade Africa and National Agricultural Export Development Board (NAEB) welcome you to the 5th All-Africa International honey industry exposition dubbed ApiExpo Africa 2016.

ApiExpo Africa 2016 will take place from the 21st to 26th September 2016 at Camp Kigali in the heart of Rwanda. This event is held under the theme “Driving socio-economic transformation in Africa: the role of commercial beekeeping”.

Several concurrent events which include conferences, exhibitions, B2B meetings, practical training workshops and bee-match (Beekeepers' Community football match) will take place at and around the same venue. As always, there will be technical tours to enable the visitors have a a feel of Rwanda's beauty in totality.

About 5000 delegates and exhibitors from Africa, and beyond are expected. This event will be a showcase of bee products, bee services, bee technologies and innovations, bee programs, bee brands among others.

The Conference will bring together diverse national, regional, continental and global level researchers, policy makers, honey trade support networks (private, public, NGOs), development partners, media, and other stakeholders on a single platform to discuss and share knowledge on trade and business related approaches, promote apiculture and to demonstrate how commercial beekeeping drives socio-economic transformation.

At your disposal will be a set of unique business (B2B) meetings and networking opportunities of Honey industry players ranging from beekeepers to scientists, from honey traders to development partners and those who work in the equipment industries. There will massive cross api-business fertilization of ideas.

There will also be practical training workshop sessions on beeswax extraction and processing, honey extraction, propolis extraction and making low-cost beehives.

Snatch this great opportunity and bee where the world meets; as the leading honey industry players from Africa and world over converge in Rwanda.


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